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About Pama

Our game plan

At PAMA, the goal could not be simpler. We want to design and build the perfect stick. For everyone serious about ice hockey.

You may know what hockey sticks are made of. So do we. But at PAMA, we also decide what they are made of and how they are made.

To us, a hockey stick is craftmanship that combines passion with expertise and experience. We both design and build the stick ourselves. We use high-quality materials in their simplest forms to create a novel product structure that translates into a unique, improved player experience. This is made possible by doing everything ourselves. In fact, we build not only the stick but also the production technology used to make it. When we say PAMA is different, we really mean it.

The way ice hockey is played changes constantly. By doing everything ourselves, we at PAMA are quick to rise to the challenge. We are always looking out for technical improvements, new materials, and improved product structures that could improve player experience. Our Finland-based technology team handles both product development and production. Our sales experts are current or former players who constantly seek player feedback, which is seamlessly relayed to product development and production.

We know everything there is to know about the ice hockey player’s most important tool.

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