THE nice hockey co.

Hockey is a beautiful game.

For over a century, the sport has brought people together even when the weatherman tells you to stay at home.

Gliding across that ice is addictive in itself. Add in a few friends, sticks and a puck, and that’s all you need. It’s exhilarating.

While our mission at PAMA Hockey is to create the ultimate hockey stick, we’ll never forget why we are making these sticks in the first place: to serve a beautifully nice game that promotes a social winter outdoor activity, athleticism, cooperation and creativity.

And, we want to keep the game nice and beautiful, which is why we partner with junior teams, support local initiatives, and constantly invest in sustainable products that we can be proud to put our name on.

We are The Nice Hockey Company.



Antti-Jussi Tiitola patented the world’s first glass fibre stick in 1966.
Wayne Gretzky played with his TITAN sticks for 11 years.
In 2016 he founded PAMA with the same mission:


PAMA’s story really begins in 1966, when our founder, Antti-Jussi Tiitola, invented the world’s first glass fiber stick. He founded TITAN, a company that went on to sell 15 to 20 million sticks throughout Europe, America and Asia. Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest player of all time, played for 11 years with Tiitola’s TITAN sticks. As a materials engineer by training, and irrepressible inventor by nature, Mr. Tiitola is still innovating at the age of 83. In 2016, he founded PAMA with the same mission he started with in 1966: to create the ultimate hockey stick.

stick features

We design and hand-build professional grade carbon hockey sticks, with unique features that make our sticks stronger and more precise than the competition. For a more detailed presentation, click here.



Most companies aim for better products. At PAMA Hockey, we also aim for a better world, which is why we invest heavily in sustainable designs and circular business practices.

Replace the Blade Service
Our PHX Titan is the first composite stick with a replaceable blade. If you break your blade, our “Replace the Blade Service” will swap in a new blade on the existing shaft, so you don’t have to throw away your favorite stick. Our replaceable blade is the only one of its kind at the professional level. While the service is currently only available in Finland, we hope to expand the service to other markets in the future. Read more.

Recycling Sticks and Beyond
Even when you break your hockey stick for good, our sister brand, Staga, turns that discarded stick into bottle openers, coat hangers and other cool items for hockey fans. We also use a variety of non-hockey related materials, including recycled parachutes, in our hockey accessories.

Teams and NGOs
We regularly partner with local teams and non-profit organizations to support various local and global causes. In 2019, we made a limited-edition stick for the Save Pond Hockey organization and donated €25 from each sale to their fight against climate change. We want to make sure that future generations will be able to experience the true joys of playing hockey on a frozen pond.

Local Sourcing
Whenever possible, we partner with local manufacturers within Finland, to support local business and to allow us to verify that our materials are sourced sustainably. This applies to our bags, jackets, hats, detergents, as well as to our printed materials and even our packaging. Only our shirts and hoodies are manufactured abroad, although even these items are made of recycled or organic materials that are sourced by a trusted Finnish partner. In the future, as we launch our portable stick factories in other countries, we will be able to build a sourcing network with local partners around the world.

Back to Plants
But, we’re not perfect. Carbon fiber is not a biodegradable material, so we are currently studying the use of alternative, plant-based fibers for our hockey sticks. In the meantime, we source all our composite materials from sustainable sources.

Organic or Recycled Cotton
All our t-shirts and hoodies are made from 100% organic or recycled cotton.

handmade in finland

Pama is an acronym for Padasjoen Mailatehdas, which can be translated as “The Stick Factory of Padas River.” All our sticks are made in Heinola village.

But, what about next year? Will PAMA stay in Finland for the long-term?

Our portable factory has a tiny physical footprint, and can be packed into a couple of sea containers and set up anywhere in the world. This will allow us to build the sticks closer to the players, wherever they may be located. This means significant savings in transport emissions and costs.

So, while we will certainly stay in Finland, our sustainability initiative includes a plan to bring our sticks closer to you, with our portable factory initiative. In fact, if you’re interested in starting your own hockey stick factory, read more here. And, while our factory is state-of-the-art, most of the actual work in the factory is still done by hand.

PAMA Factory video

why so cheap?

Why are PAMA sticks less expensive than other professional sticks?

It’s simple really: we don’t pay millions to millionaires to play with our sticks.
We also sell directly from the factory floor, both to teams and to people just like you, through our web shop. We manufacture sticks for the players who like to play a lot, not pay a lot, which also allows us to keep that manufacturing process in Finland.