All the cotton you see here is recycled or organic. All the beanies you see here are made in Finland. Oh, and so is the Laundry Vinegar, too. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just have it all made in Asia? Yes, but we are the nice hockey company. We like challenges and we like to play it fair with local partners.



Why would we make bags? Because there’s room for improvement. Bags can be better to carry, smarter in features and more compact in size. Or, there can be a better material such as army surplus parachutes. That’s why. Now, you’re welcome to take a look.

Designed for heavy use. The Officer line up is based on bags made for the Finnish army and it’s even manufactured in the same facilities.

Hockey bags have straps, so you can carry it like a backpack. It has a lot of compartments, such as skate pockets, to organize your gear and to make it tight. Why tight? A tight package is more convenient to carry, and it takes less room in your car or at your home.