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We have a simple goal. We aim to make the perfect ice hockey stick that is not only durable, fatigue-resistant and great to play with, but also ecological – a stick suitable for professional and amateur ice hockey players alike!

With PAMA sticks, everything starts from the hosel, the joint between the blade and the shaft. We have a patented structure and manufacturing method for the hosel. Thanks to its unique structure, PAMA is more durable and better to play with.

We manufacture the shafts and the blades separately, joining them according to demand. This reduces extra work, the number of faulty products and unnecessary storage. Our production process is efficient and local, resulting in lower transportation and warehousing costs and reasonable prices for our sticks.

We continuously develop our products together with ice hockey players, which is a cornerstone of our operations. Our sticks are designed and manufactured in Padasjoki, Finland. Their durability is tested in the Materials Science laboratories of the Tampere University of Technology. We leave nothing to chance – there are no shortcuts to becoming the best in the world.

As our customer, you won’t have to pay for sticks lying around in a warehouse. This is one of the reasons why we offer cheaper prices than our competitors.

1. Top quality
Durability and longer-lasting properties We combine pure, high-quality raw materials with state-of-the-art technology using our best expertise.

2. Price.
We want sticks to be priced affordably so they don’t become an obstacle to playing ice hockey. We make and sell our sticks at cheaper prices due to our tailored production process, in which sticks are manufactured according to the law of supply and demand.

3. Performance.
Our innovative hosel joint and shaft structure. Different sticks for different types of players.

4. Responsibility.
All of our sticks are recyclable. Nearby production, no expensive warehousing, no high transportation costs.

5. Designed and manufactured in Finland.
Our sticks are designed and produced in Finland and continuously developed by integrating player feedback into the product development and production process.

Our expertise in hockey sticks goes back a long way. Antti-Jussi Tiitola, the soul of our stick technology, created the original titan – the world’s best wooden ice hockey stick of its time. It was used by none other than Wayne Gretzky, the magical no. 99, and the soviet union’s national team, the famous “red machine”. That’s why we really know what a hockey stick should feel like.

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