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March 6th, 2018

One of the principles at Pama Hockey is that we are always ready to change our minds if the evidence points us in a new direction. And this is precisely what happened with the design of the intermediate stick.

At first, we were convinced that the shaft circumference of the intermediate stick must be different from the senior stick, because a young player’s hand isn’t big enough to get a good grip of the senior shaft. We were already about to have the intermediate shaft molds made and start producing a shaft with a smaller circumference.

Then we decided to think about it one more time. We talked to young players and their coaches — we mean really talked to them and listened to what they had to say, instead of telling them what we thought.

Once we really started listening to young players, we realized we might be mistaken. Yes, perhaps a 7-year-old can’t play with a senior shaft but if the flex is right, most 12-year-olds already can. The problem is: How do you design and make a senior shaft with enough flex?

If you are a young player, it may feel like you are not getting a good enough grip of the senior shaft. But we are pretty sure this is just an illusion caused by the fact that the senior shaft probably does not have enough flex to fit your needs. Go ahead and measure the circumference of your intermediate shaft and compare it to the circumference of the senior shaft. Do you really think that’s what is making the difference? We don’t.

Now consider this: What if we could add flex to the shaft so that is just right for you, do you think the shaft would still feel “too thick” in your hands? Maybe. Maybe not. There’s only one way to find out: try it out yourself.

Pama’s unique shaft design allows for shaft flexes of 40, 30, and even 20, with senior shaft dimensions. The results and feedback from young players are very promising.

Here are questions to 10-12-year-old hockey players out there: Do you really want to play with the intermediate shaft that has different dimensions than the senior shaft? Why? Is it really the case that your hand isn’t big enough to get a grip of the senior shaft? Or is it simply because there aren’t senior shafts with enough flex available to you? Would you be interested in trying a senior shaft with a flex of 40 or 30?

A shaft with senior dimensions will of course offer the performance, durability, and playability of a senior stick. What’s more, thanks to its revolutionary shaft structure, Pama’s shaft does not lose its torque even with a lot of flex. This means the blade does not give in even when you shoot one-timers or slapshots from the blue line. Remember that when the blade of a hockey stick gives in by bending backwards as you shoot, it’s not the bending of the blade but the twisting of the shaft that is causing this. This is why the shaft is crucial in shooting accuracy.

Of course, with a shaft that has a lot of flex but maintains good torque, you get the best of both worlds: smooth puck handling and accurate shooting.

We have several even 9-and 10-year-olds who play with a senior-circumference Pama shaft. Once they get older and gain more strength, all they have to do is gradually move on to a stiffer shaft, without the weight or the dimensions of the shaft changing. Imagine the advantage of not having to get accustomed to new shaft dimensions as you get older and hit those really critical years of your development as a hockey player!

Here’s our most important question: At what age will you pick up a stick with senior shaft dimensions?

One option is to let the grown-ups tell you what to do. Another is to think about it and find out yourself.

February 8th, 2018

Are you a promising ice hockey player aged 13-19 years? Do you play hockey at the highest level (AAA or equivalent) in your country? Are you an example to others both on and off the ice? Are you interested in playing with a revolutionary new stick designed and manufactured in Finland?

Pama Prodigy is our sponsorship program to promising young players and future stars. Our intent is both to help junior hockey players develop their skills and to bring the Pama stick to the hands of younger players.

We are now scouting for Pama Prodigy Players for the 2018-2019 season. Our focus is on the 13-19 age range.

Convince us that you should become the next Pama Prodigy! Send us an informal application, tell your story, and tell us why we should invite you to the Prodigy Pack. Here’s what we offer:

[1] Pama Hockey sponsors your sticks for the season;

[2] You’ll have a chance to voice your opinions and preferences as we think of how to develop the stick even further. We always work in close collaboration with our players. We want to solve real problems faced by players who take hockey very seriously;

[3] You’ll have a chance to participate in Prodigy events (for the time being, these are offered primarily in Finland).

Based on our experience in the 2017-2018 season, there will be lots of competitive applications. Think carefully about how you’ll stand out from the rest. Prepare your application carefully. Here are some tips:

[1] Before you send in your application, take the Pama for a spin. Tell us what you think about it. It doesn’t make much sense to apply unless you are absolutely convinced Pama is your stick.

[2] Maybe words aren’t enough. Be creative, use pictures and video. If you post content in social media with the hashtags #pamahockey or #pamaprodigy, we’ll be sure to find you.

If you are a minor, please prepare and submit your application with your parent or adult guardian. Submitting an application does not yet create a binding agreement, the details of the contract will be negotiated with selected applicants.

Please submit your application by e-mail to The application deadline is March 15th, 2018.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Jukka Suontausta | General Manager
Mikko Ketokivi | Chairman of the Board
Pama Hockey

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