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June 9th, 2017

Pama Shooting Clinic is a five-part video series that covers the fundamentals of various ice hockey shots and the key technical characteristics of the hockey stick, such as flex and torque. The video is available on our YouTube channel (in Finnish, with English subtitles).

The clinic is hosted by the Finnish ice hockey legend Kimmo “Kibe” Kuhta. Kimmo played over 700 games in the premier Finnish ice hockey league “SM-liiga” and currently coaches one of the top youth teams in Helsinki, Finland. Thank you Kibe!

“We have designed Pama from scratch, with the goal of responding to the needs and the challenges of how the game is played today. As a company that both designs and manufactures Pama, we obviously want to be involved in coaching younger players in particular on the technical characteristics of our stick and how it differs from others. Pama Shooting Clinic is our first but definitely not the last project on this journey”, Pama Hockey Chairman of the Board Mikko Ketokivi promises.

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