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The PAMA Stick

Is PAMA a one-piece or a two-piece? Where is the kick point? My current flex is 85, what would you recommend?

We're sorry, you cannot play a new game with the old rules.

We have designed the PAMA stick ourselves, from scratch, with 50 years of experience in hockey stick design. You can rest assured that there is a very good reason behind every decision we have made. Everything starts by asking: Which option leads to the best player experience?

At PAMA, we are not fans of tech talk. When players ask where PAMA’s kick point is, the answer is simple: wherever your bottom hand happens to be. We see no point in making the shaft stronger in certain parts and weaker in others. To be honest, we find the entire discussion around kick points extremely confusing.

We want you to find exactly what you are looking for. So forget tech talk, spec checks, and how you have been taught to speak about hockey sticks. Pick up a PAMA, take it for a spin, and experience the difference.

As far as player experience is concerned, the most relevant technical detail is shaft flex, which must match the player’s style and preferences. PAMA is available in six different flexes: Extra Stiff (customized), Stiff (85), Regular (78), Light (70), Soft (60), Extra Soft (50), and Super Soft (40). All shafts have the regular, senior shaft circumference.

The numerical value for the flex of a PAMA shaft is determined as follows. A shaft is set on top of two supports 90 cm apart, with the wide side of the shaft resting on the supports. A force of 390 N is then applied to the center of the shaft and the resulting bend is measured. This result is then converted into a figure that is commensurate with the flexes of other stick makers. Extra Stiff shafts are custom made and have no standard flex.

PAMA’s uniquely structured shaft retains its torque even with more flex. Many players who switch to PAMA also switch to a shaft with more flex. For example, a player who formerly played with 105 flex found that PAMA’s Regular 78 flex was best for him! More shaft flex means better puck handling and easy, quick passes and wrist shots.

Note that shortening the shaft increases stiffness. Set upright with the shaft resting against the wall, PAMA measures 67,7 inches (172 cm).

PAMA is available in our PH92 and PH28 blade patterns, which correspond to the two most popular blade patterns in the market. More blade patterns are introduced based on demand.

Player experience

The first touch, wrist pass, and slapshot says it all: PAMA is different. Once you pick up a PAMA, you won’t look back.

This is what players have said about PAMA sticks:

  1. Great puck handling, I really “feel the puck in my hands”

  2. The shaft and the blade work great together to produce an accurate slapshot

  3. The stick works well in quick wrist shots and passes

  4. I can play with a shaft with more flex and the stick doesn’t wobble

This feedback is encouraging, and we are convinced it is due precisely to the unique way the shaft is structured and how the blade connects to the shaft using our proprietary, patent-pending technology. And just as our stick wizards had envisioned, we can add shaft flex without losing the torque that is crucial in slap shots, quick wrist shots, and fast passes.

The end result is a balanced, all-around stick that delivers performance whenever and wherever you need it on the ice.

At PAMA, we just hate to compromise.

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