Inline ONE Inline Hockey Stick

Inline One – Sting like a bee, shoot like a champ

Protect your own hive and then attack as a furious swarm. Light, strong and high-tech, like the wings of a bee, PAMA INLINE ONE shoots faster than an eye can see. It is the only composite stick made for inline hockey, and naturally, our first ONE yet. Hand made in a forest in Finland, where bees, bears and we live to play. For fun and sometimes for games.

The blade is softened from top with a felt made for satellites for better resistance against hits from above. The bottom of the blade has a secret compound for wear and tear. All we can say that the material for bullet proof vests wasn’t strong enough for us.

NOTE: The sticks are made for inline plastic playing surface only.
Not for asphalt or concrete. The blade is designed for inline pucks.
Flexes: The flexes are released step by step. The first flex is 75.
Kick point: Our sticks don’t have a specified kick point. They flex symmetrically from top to heel.
Blades: P92 and P28 for both left-handed and right-handed shots.
Lie: The lie of the stick is 47° (the angle between the shaft and the blade + 90°).
Stick length: 172 cm which is 6 cm longer than sticks on average.
Replace The Blace Service: If you hurt your wing, send it to our factory for care.
Customs duties may apply when ordering from outside the European Union

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157,00  includes. 24% VAT

  • Left
  • Right
  • 65
  • 75
  • 85
  • 95
  • P28
  • P92
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