Your PAMA - Pama Hockey - Jääkiekkomailat


Pama’s unique shaft structure gives the stick excellent torque properties even with more shaft flex! When players switch to Pama they often switch to a shaft with more flex, which enables smoother puck handling and quick on-the-fly shots and passes. How about trying a Pama with a little more flex than what you are used to?

Pama is currently available with our own Pama Hockey PH92 and PH28 blade patterns, which correspond to the two most popular blade patterns in the market. More blade patterns are added based on demand.

Pama’s length is 172 cm (68 inches) and weight 435-460 grams. Weight depends on shaft flex, stiffer shafts are slightly heavier.

The price includes shipping in Finland (through Matkahuolto’s Near Parcel Service). To customers outside of Finland: international shipping to selected countries now available! For inquiries, send e-mail to

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