PAMA INLINE ONE - Pama Hockey - Jääkiekkomailat


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PAMA INLINE ONE – Sting like a bee, shoot like a champ.

Protect your own hive and then attack as a furious swarm. Light, strong and high-tech, like the wings of a bee, PAMA INLINE ONE shoots faster than an eye can see. It is the only composite stick made for inline hockey, and naturally, our first ONE yet. Hand made in a forest in Finland, where bees, bears and we live to play. For fun and sometimes for games.

The blade is softened from top with a felt made for satellites for better resistance against hits from above. The bottom of the blade has a secret compound for wear and tear. All we can say that the material for bullet proof vests wasn’t strong enough for us.

As in all Pama sticks, the shaft is woven with carbon fibers that continue from the top to the ankle for stronger torsion and better durability. The Ugly Ankle turns the ankle from the weakest part to the strongest part of your weapon. It also enables our unique Replace the Blade service. If you hurt your wing, send it to our factory for care.

NOTE: The sticks are made for inline plastic playing surface only. Not for asphalt or concrete. The blade is designed for inline pucks.

The flexes are released step by step.
The first flex released is 75.
Flexes to be released: 85, 75, 65, 55.
Blades: for both hands P92 ja P28.
The stick is built in a way that it flexes symmetrically from top to bottom. No one determined kick point. The lie of the stick is 47°.

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