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A completely new stick. PHX Carbon is made entirely of carbon fibre. Good stickhandling properties, speed, accuracy and a light weight of only 440 g make the Carbon the technical player’s stick. Great for forwards whose game relies on a quick and accurate shot. Stick length is 172 cm. For comparison, our older models flex count is written here:

xsoft: 50 flex   –   soft: 60 flex
light: 70 flex    –   regular: 78 flex
stiff: 83 flex

PHX CARBON stick Flex: 95, 85,75 ja 65

Blades: P92 and P28 for both left-handed and right-handed shots. See the blade difference from the picture.

The lie of the stick is 47°. All of the sticks are build in a way that the stick flexes from the point of your lower hand. It doesn’t have a determined kickpoint.

For product orders outside of EU (European Union), taxes may apply.
If you live in the USA or Canada, please contact our seller Magnus Elgstam for more information on PAMA Hockey sticks in North America.

Magnus Elgstam
Rockets Sports Group

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