PAMA PHX TITAN - Pama Hockey - Jääkiekkomailat


Designed for grinders, this stick emphasises durability without neglecting good stickhandling characteristics. The Titan is particularly suitable for defencemen and players with a simpler and more straightforward style of play. An untiring workhorse. Stick length is 172 cm. For comparison, the flex in earlier PAMA sticks, according to their models: Stick length is 172 cm. For comparison, our older models flex count is written here:
xsoft: 50 flex
soft: 60 flex
light: 70 flex
regular: 78 flex
stiff: 83 flex

TITAN stick flex: 85, 75, 65 and 55
Blades: P92 and P28 for both left-handed and right-handed shots

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