PHX Titan Ice Hockey Stick

PHX Titan – For A Good Defence

Designed for grinders, this stick emphasizes durability without neglecting good stickhandling characteristics. The Titan is particularly suitable for defensemen and players with a simpler and more straightforward style of play. An untiring workhorse.

Flexes: 85, 75, 65 and 55.
Kick point: Our sticks flex symmetrically from top to heel.
Blade models: P92 and P28.
Lie: 47°.
Stick length: 172 cm which is 6 cm longer than sticks on average.
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All PAMA Hockey sticks are handmade. The average time to deliver a PAMA Hockey stick to your pickup point is 1-2 weeks. We will send you an order confirmation via email after the stick has been sent. All deliveries are handled by DB Schenker.

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Why PHX, you may ask?

Just because PHX sounds as wild and techy as RSX? No, my friend, that’s not the story. PHX comes from Phoenix, the bird who rose from the ashes of its predecessor. Our board member Pekka is a PhD in some old wisdom and on a summer night, when sitting by a lake after sauna, he saw the resemblance to our story. With PHX sticks we finally rose to the same league with the best sticks out there. When the last remaining stick factory in Finland was about to be closed, we were about to break through. There was a time when 40 % of the world’s sticks were made here. Now there was not much left but ashes – and these two new sticks: PHX Carbon and PHX Titan.

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