Replace the blade

Did you break a blade on your PAMA Stick?

Replace the blade available on all PAMA sticks, except PHX Carbon.
The price for the service is 67€ per stick. Select shipping option normal (0€).
The customer needs to pay the costs of sending the stick to factory separately.

1) First, we’re sorry that you can’t use your stick right now.

2) Make sure you’re in Finland. Unfortunately, the service is currently not available in other countries.

3) Take a picture of the broken section of the blade. Send the picture to us at and tell us that you want us to replace the blade.

4) Wait for a reply, as we examine the picture to make sure we can save your stick.

5) If we give the green light, and if the stick is otherwise unbroken, buy a Replace the blade service here. send it to our factory at:
Ultimate Hockey Corps Oy
Kiipijäntie 2
18100 Heinola

67,00  includes. 24% VAT

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