RNG Ringette Stick

PAMA Ringette stick deliveries are delayed due to new design of the Ringette tips. We appreciate your patience!

Pama RNG – Whip them up!

Now, this is exiting! This carbon stick is not just light, it’s also very flexible and snappy, so you can whip the ring faster and harder than you ever imagined. When developing this stick, we used the same technology as with our ice hockey sticks. If you look at photos of hockey players shooting, you can see bent sticks. The stick works like a bow that shoots an arrow. In the case of ringette, it’s not enough to just make a carbon tube. You need to make the stick flexible like a whip. That’s the secret for shots that look like they came from nowhere. That’s the future. And that’s exiting!

The Double Lamella head of the stick is 3D printed to create two facing sets of lamellas: one for precise handling and another for precise shooting.
In the future, we’ll bring a line of changeable heads that you can change by yourself.

Flexes: 55 and 65.
Kick point: Our sticks don’t have a specified kick point. They flex symmetrically from top to heel.
Head: Double Lamella.
Stick length: 152 cm
NOTE: Replace The Blace Service is NOT available for RNG because ringette sticks don’t have a carbon blade.
Customs duties may apply when ordering from outside the European Union

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