RNG Ringette Stick – Limited trainer’s version

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Pama RNG  – Trainers version limited edition

The power of Generation 2 PAMA Hockey sticks have been harnessed into ringette sticks. This carbon stick is not just light, it’s also very flexible and snappy, so you can whip the ring faster and harder than you ever imagined. When developing this stick, we used the same technology as with our original ice hockey sticks.

This limited edition Ringette stick has been designed for training purposes only. The stick is perfect for outdoor play and training exercises in hockey rinks. The Double Lamella head has not jet been officially approved to use in games. To use this stick in an official game, a separate tip is needed.

Flexes: Soft, Medium, Stiff.
Kick point: Our sticks don’t have a specified kick point. They flex symmetrically from top to heel.
Head: Double Lamella (training purposes only!).
Stick length: 152 cm
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