Virtuoso Ultimate Hockey Stick

Brand new PAMA Hockey flagship stick – Our lightest stick so far

PAMA’s brand new stick is like art on the ice. We combined best of our qualities, implemented our patents and created a stick for all the virtuosos. The light weight makes puckhandling more enjoyable than ever, making this stick skill players best friend. Virtuoso is one of the lightest sticks on the market.

Flexes: 75, 65, 55
Kick point: Our sticks flex symmetrically from top to heel.
Blade models: P92 and P28.
Lie: 47°.
Stick length: 172 cm which is 6 cm longer than sticks on average. (UPDATED 2020)
Customs duties may apply when ordering from outside the European Union

All PAMA Hockey sticks are handmade. The average time to deliver a PAMA Hockey stick to your pickup point is 1-2 weeks. We will send you an order confirmation via email after the stick has been sent. All deliveries are handled by DB Schenker.

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Why VIRTUOSO, you may ask?

“Virtuoso is an individual who possesses outstanding technical ability in a particular art”. PAMA Virtuoso is designed to help players who want more touch and feel on the puck. It’s a tool for anyone who doesen’t want to compromise their play and want’s to focus on performance. Like a tuned musical intrument, Virtuoso is the ultimate PAMA Hockey stick.



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