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This page provides you with detailed information on what to do if you suspect your stick was broken due to a manufacturing defect. The quickest way to resolve the issue is by following the instructions below.

1. First things first

Ice hockey is a sport where every stick breaks at some point. Sticks regularly sustain blows and cuts, and since they often get flexed to the extreme when a player shoots, they will certainly break sooner or later. Ice hockey is also a challenging sport in that sticks are very frequently used in ways they were never designed for or intended for. It’s impossible to design the shaft of the stick to endure hard blows without adding a lot of weight. Moreover, it’s impossible for a shaft made of carbon fibre to withstand a direct hit from a puck or a cut from a skate blade without breaking.

Obviously, if a stick breaks very quickly without excessive wear and tear, or without enduring unreasonable blows or other external damage, it’s possible there could have been a manufacturing defect. This happens occasionally because the process of stick manufacturing isn’t perfect and not every stick can be fully tested for possible manufacturing defects. If your PAMA breaks and you suspect it’s due to a manufacturing defect, you can return it to the retailer you bought it from, and they will forward your complaint to us. However, the quickest way to hear our analysis of the case is to contact us directly.

2. What to do if your stick breaks

In our experience, the majority of customer complaints can be handled by electronic communication, as long as we receive sufficiently detailed photos of the stick. We have discontinued our earlier policy of asking our customers to send their broken sticks to our factory for analysis. We believe that this is also more convenient for you as a customer. If your stick breaks within 30 days of the date of purchase and you suspect a manufacturing defect, send an e-mail to, and write COMPLAINT in the subject field. Attach a scanned copy of the receipt, your full contact details (name, address, phone number) and the following three photos with a sufficiently high resolution (minimum 2 megapixels):

[1] Photo of the whole broken stick against a light background
[2] Close-up of the damaged section against a light background
[3] Photo of the black stamp located close to the joint between the shaft and the blade (the stamp contains a text such as “PH28 47/17”)

Before taking the photos, please remove all taping from the stick, such as the tape on the blade.

We don’t need any other information besides the copy of the receipt, the photos and your full contact details. For example, you don’t need to tell us how and in what circumstances your stick was broken because this may not be the real reason why the stick broke. The actual cause could be an earlier blow sustained by the shaft, for instance. That’s why the shaft can break when you’re simply receiving a normal pass or taking a light wrist shot. The photos will tell the whole story, providing our experts who are in charge of designing and making the sticks with all they need to know.

3. Manufacturing defect – what happens next?

If there’s no evidence of inappropriate use of the stick, we will replace it with a new one if it was bought not more than 30 days ago. This means that every PAMA you buy has a limited 30-day warranty that covers manufacturing defects. This is standard practice among manufacturers of ice hockey sticks.

Our factory will be happy to handle all product returns resulting from manufacturing defects. It doesn’t matter whether you bought your stick from our online store or from an authorised dealer. The best expertise for analysing manufacturing defects is at our stick factory in Padasjoki. You can also return your stick to the dealer you bought it from. Our authorised dealers have enough expertise to resolve the majority of cases on the spot without having to start an expensive and slow complaint process.

Please ask the contact information for the PAMA Hockey district manager near you. 

We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of having received all of the aforementioned information and material (either photos or the stick). Photos will suffice in most cases, but occasionally we may ask you to send your stick to our factory. Sometimes we may wish to inspect a broken stick more thoroughly for product development purposes. If we reject your complaint, we will give you a clear reason for our decision.

4. What does inappropriate use mean?

We value all of our customers and take every complaint seriously. However, we regret to say that most of the complaints we receive are unfounded. Often we can immediately spot signs of inappropriate use from the stick’s shaft. Inappropriate use of a stick can happen due to an accident or bad luck, but this doesn’t change the fact that the stick wasn’t used as intended. If the shaft of the stick sustains a hard blow that causes a crack in its surface or a chip to come off it, the stick will most likely break when the shaft is flexed, especially if the damage occurs to the section of the shaft that bends the most when shooting (the maximum flex always occurs at the point where your lower hand grips the shaft). However, this doesn’t mean the stick has a manufacturing defect. It’s just a case of the stick breaking due to inappropriate use.

5. How to prevent your stick from breaking (although sticks will sometimes break anyway)

If your style of play exposes your stick to hard hits and blows, we recommend you buy a stick from the PAMA PHX Titan series, as it comes with a shaft that is reinforced with fibreglass. The more rigid shaft also prevents the stick from breaking up to a certain point. But a tougher and heavier shaft obviously affects stickhandling characteristics. Buy and use a stick bag. By packing your precious PAMAs in their specially designed bag, you can prevent them from sustaining blows when you’re transporting them.

6. However…

We at PAMA Hockey put a good playing feel above all else, which is why we recommend lighter carbon fibre sticks and more flexible shafts to allow PAMA’s special features to really shine.

7. Product returns

We ask that you send us photos first. If we want to inspect the stick, we will ask you for it. In that case, we will give you further instructions.

If we conclude that your return is justified, we will naturally pay for the costs of returning the stick and sending you a new one.

8. As a reminder

Take photos of the broken stick and send them to us. Please don’t send us the stick automatically.

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