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  1. PAMA Kickpoint. A shaft that flexes evenly and symmetrically from the butt end to the hosel.
  2. Hosel. The PAMA hosel is more durable and provides for better stickhandling, thanks to its unique structure and manufacturing method.
  3. Torsional rigidity. Due to our innovation and production technology, PAMA’s torsional rigidity gives the stick great properties with less flex and more power.
  4. Blade. The blade is an integral part of the perfect hockey stick. We could make a more rigid and inflexible blade that has less feel. But we prefer to make a softer blade that gives you a better feel for the puck and lets you stickhandle better. That’s why the PAMA blade bends more. The torsional rigidity of the shaft, coupled with the hosel, make this possible.
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