So, you have a team?

If you have a team, we have a deal for you!

And, we don’t discriminate. If you order 10 sticks or more, you’re considered a team. You can’t play with more than one stick at a time anyway, or can you?

Team deals mean €20 off each stick in the batch. With team deals, you are able to ask for name plates and team logos to be added on the sticks.

To make future ordering more convenient, we also like to ask for team member emails, so we can remember individual player preferences, for example left and right handedness, etc. We don’t need any other details, as our only interest is to make your sticks as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As Andy Warhol liked to say:  one’s company, two’s a crowd, and three’s a party! Let’s start the hockey party off right.

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